About Us

As an innovative partnership of Yosemite National Park and NatureBridge, WildLink transforms underserved youth through a series of wilderness and community-based outdoor programs offered at no charge. WildLink inspires youth to become long-term environmental stewards with strong connections to the natural world in both the wilderness and their home communities.

Through WildLink, culturally diverse high school students from across California engage in wilderness and public lands, empowering them to improve their own lives and their communities. Since 2000, WildLink has opened the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada to the populations living at its doorstep and demonstrated the relevance and benefits of the outdoors and public lands for all Americans. Through presentations, service and stewardship projects, participants reach out to their peers and their communities helping to ensure California’s diverse residents are informed, invested and committed to the enduring resource of Wilderness.

Our Mission

WildLink gives underserved teens a series of wilderness- and home-based experiences that empower them to better their own lives and their communities; and to ensure that diverse California residents are informed, invested and committed to the enduring resource of Wilderness.

Our Goals

  • To make wilderness relevant to the culturally diverse youth in California
  • To engage students in the study of wilderness with high-quality educational content and hands-on experiences
  • To empower youth as agents for positive change in their home communities through community stewardship projects
  • To create a human bridge between the underserved communities and public lands
  • To encourage students to pursue higher education
  • To provide opportunities for students to pursue careers related to natural resources

WildLink Staff

PJ Solomon, Wilderness Programs Manager

PJ Headshot

PJ grew up in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles county near the Angeles Crest. She earned her degree from the University of California, Merced and has dedicated her professional career to the preservation of Wilderness character through education. She began her career as a Wilderness Ranger in Yosemite National Park in 2007, and joined the education staff at NatureBridge in May of 2016. She has helped lead WildLink expeditions since 2011. She is excited to share her passion for wilderness with diverse California students and their communities.

WildLink is a proud partner of the National Park Service, National Forest Service, and Nature Bridge.